Hearing Testing

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​​​The Garden Ridge Lions Club has in conjunction with Lions Clubs from ​Canyon
​Lake and New Braunfels provided vision and hearing testing to ​students in selected
​grades in the Comal and New Braunfels ISD’s. This testing effort commences each year
​in early September and is completed in early December and covers approximately 30 schools in Comal County and in New Braunfels.

Our club commenced participation ten years ago in the hearing testing portion of the program with four volunteers and over the years our volunteer base for hearing testing has expanded to over 30 club members and friends of our club. In fact our Club now provides 100% of the hearing testers participating in the program. Last year the following volunteers supported this effort:

Each year additional volunteers are encouraged to join in this effort. The student testing is scheduled for either Monday or Tuesday mornings each week. In general the time required to support this effort is 3 hours per testing day and each volunteer is asked to participate 5 or 6 times during the fall testing schedule. New volunteers will attend a training session to be held at a time and date to be determined sometime in June, July August. The training session will last about three hours and volunteers will be trained on how to use the audio equipment used when testing the school children. Additionally past volunteers requiring a new training certificate (certificate expires after 5 years) may attend this training session.

2019 Garden Ridge Lions - Hearing Testing:

​Garden Ridge Lions and volunteers participated in the hearing testing of over 6000 students in the Comel County and New Braunfels Independent School Districts. Testing commenced on September 2019 and was completed on the last school in December 2019. Students in pre K, kindergarten, first, third, fifth and seventh grades along with any transfer students to the school district were tested for hearing deficiencies in 30 schools using audiometers provided by the school districts. As a result of our testing students found with hearing issues are given further testing and directed to hearing specialists for resolution of hearing problems.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved for your support in this effort to identify and correct any childhood hearing problems. I hope each of you enjoyed working with our young future leaders as much as I did. I look forward to working with all of you again next year. Dick Holloway