Lions Camp

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To My Fellow Lions,

OK. Good by 2018 hello 2019. My best wishes to you all for a happy and prosperous New Year. Hook em for all us UT fans on their Sugar Bowl win over Georgia.

Annually our Lions Camp at Kerrville holds a series of work days to clean up the Camp from winter and prepare it for summer operation.

The Camp holds three work days in the Spring generally on the first Saturday of the month. This year the work days will be held on Saturday, March 2nd, Saturday, April 6th, and Saturday, May 4th. Each workday commences at 7:30 am with a breakfast provided by a Lions Club. Work details on various projects commence at 8:00 am and last until 12:00 noon at which time lunch is served. If necessary work continues after lunch, but in most cases our work projects have been completed by lunch and we are released to return home after lunch.

Our club participated in this activity the last nine years during the March, April and May Saturdays. Due to our close proximity to Kerrville it is possible for our Club members to leave Garden Ridge around 6:00 am and travel by car pool and arrive Kerrville in time for breakfast. Since return home is generally early Saturday afternoon the total time spent on this activity is eight hours.

This is an excellent opportunity for our members to help contribute to the upkeep of the Camp and for new members to see the facilities at the Camp. Having participated the last nine years I can report to you that I had a great time working at the camp and providing in my own small way some help on maintaining the facility. Typically they will have at least 100 to 200 Lions/volunteers attending each work day with up to 500 occasionally, so there are lots of people wanting to contribute to the camp.

ACTION: I will act as our Club coordinator for this activity. My assistant for this activity will be John Mitzel. John will act on my behalf in my absence.

I ask that you consider participating in this effort and identify one or more work days that you want to work and advise me of same (e-mail or phone). By the way spouses are welcome should any be interested in participating.

I will identify the number of people interested in working on one or more of the three work days and forward that information to the camp. Should you have restrictions on physical activities please so identify. Similarly should you have skills and equipment for welding, carpentry, electrical, painting, exterminating, and air conditioning please so identify. Please understand that the vast majority of people attending these works day have no special skills and just want to help in any way possible.

Once I have your response I will advise everyone as to what days and how many volunteers we have and determine how we might car pool to the camp and back.

Since the camp is responsible for identifying the work projects and assigning volunteers to each project I would like to get your response for the first work day, Saturday March 2nd as soon as possible, say Thursday, January 24th, so I can send the necessary information to the camp for that work day. I will repeat this message as a reminder for the other two work days. In past years we have been able to bring as many as 15 to 20 volunteers to each of the work days. I hope we can do as good as or better this year.

For your information our group during the past nine years has been assigned various outdoor and indoor painting projects. This may or may not be an indicator as to what we will be assigned this year.

I appreciate your support in the matter and look forward to hearing from as many of you as possible identifying what date or dates your are interested in helping out.

Should any of you have any questions please contact me by e-mail or phone at 210- 651-7431 or 210-845-9356.

Regards Dick Holloway